Privacy Policy

Focus Corporation only gathers personally identifiable data, such as first and last names, addresses, and email addresses, when voluntarily submitted by a web site visitor. For example, personally identifiable information may be collected in order to respond to a request for information concerning on-line shopping, or to get feedback on our site and our products or to enter in a contest or sweepstakes. This information is used solely by Focus Corporation or other entities that provide technical or fulfillment services to Focus Corporation for internal purposes such as improving the site or to fulfill your requests; it is not sold to or transferred to third parties. Focus Corporation does not send unsolicited mail, however, Focus Corporation may respond to email it receives. Focus Corporation may offer links to other sites. If you visit one of these linked sites, you should review their privacy policy and other policies. We are not responsible for the policies of other companies.

Focus Corporation reserves the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy; any law, regulation or legal request, to protect the integrity of the site, to fulfill your requests, or to cooperate in any law enforcement investigation or an investigation on a matter of public safety. 


Note to Parents on our Privacy Policy Regarding Children

Focus Corporation is very sensitive to privacy issues. We are proud of our longtime commitment to our customers. We are especially careful in any communications with one of our most treasured customers - children and families. That is why we may offer many features like games, coloring books and educational information  which do not require a child to provide any personal information. We do not associate any cookie data with personal information about children. Focus Corporation will not condition a child's participation in any on-line activity on the child's disclosure of personal information.

From time to time, it may be necessary for Focus Corporation to change or revise this privacy policy, so we suggest that you check here periodically for new information.